Botanica Dress

Color:  green
Size:  S


Botanical Brilliance

Capture the essence of a secret garden.
Explore the splendor of "Blossom", a creation that blends nature with elegance. Its mermaid shape delicately contours the curves, offering a look that is both noble and enticing. The deep green adorned with white flowers evokes a flower-laden path under morning dew. Adjustable straps and subtle lacing at the bodice provide a perfect fit, inviting one to reveal their splendor fully.

Silken Softness

A touch as soft as rose petals.
The fabric used for "Blossom" transcends mere comfort. Imagine a material that glides over the skin like a light breeze's caress. This incomparable softness ensures not only continuous well-being but also an impeccable appearance from morning till evening. Perfect for events where style must go hand-in-hand with comfort, "Blossom" becomes a second skin.